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The Official Phil is Hot thread (now known as the greet Phil thread :P)

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no.no.no....should be just boys tying up boys:sneaky:



Agree! :smug:


Phil needs to be in a video, who do we have to talk to? don't we have any pull in this place?:rolleyes:






I couldn't agree more mel Guy can't do it alone lol Phil needs to make a cameo in a video and in a 2009 calender !!




Is there a 2008 calendar? Where can I buy these? :wink3:






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I can’t believe this film came out and no one ever said here how it’s a goldmine (also in itself) of Phil footage   

Not sure if this has been posted or not but I love this photo of Phil that Guy took

OMG why didnt i think of this? Yeah, Phil is super sexy. The other guys look almost... average looking next to him! Guy's position as resident Hot One is threatened!

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yay phil get's mentioned again


Who do the changes come from? Do the band sit down after a gig?

Yeah, we sit down with Dave and Phil after the first few gigs and say, "Where did it work and where didn't it work?" And we talk to people who've been there. It's one thing for us to say how it felt, but it's quite another for somebody who was actually watching.

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ooh thanks for that!!!! I had seen this vid when it was first posted on coldplaying.com, but totally forgot about it when the whole Phil mania:lol: began. Great find!

I had seen Phil LIVE & in person at the Today show, but couldn't hear him. Plus, the whole day is just a blur of excitement and awe, so I probably wouldn't remember! haha

Now I just need to see AND hear the hawt-ness at the same time...

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ok, do you two just go around all threads spreading perviness?!?! :laugh3:LOL

(and I just follow along reading...)




oh btw, do you think Phil has magic balls as well ???

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Yes must spread pervy ness if only there were a picture of phil like this:


gee I wonder what his shoe size is...

oh and chavi I started this thread and there seem to be some pervs visting I say it's okay!

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oh btw, do you think Phil has magic balls as well ???


MOST DEFINITELY. (I'm sure it was his idea) All members of Coldplay have magic balls:wink3:, and Phil being the 5th member, is included.


(damn it, you girls have pulled me into the black hole of perviness!!!! now i'm spreading it as well!!! ahhhh LOL)

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