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The Official Phil is Hot thread (now known as the greet Phil thread :P)

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so I keep running into pics of Phil lately and all the other band members have their own so here it is...

The Official Phil is Hot thread

(of course this is going to die a quick dead just like the other threads i started, but hell at least I'm gonna try)



For those of you who don't know: Phil aka Philip Christopher Harvey is the official Fifth member of Coldplay... Chris has know him since age 14.

Phil has preformed as they're band manager in the early years and funded the Safety EP with his and his fathers money...

more can be found here:



oh yeah.. and he's HOT


co created by nkydickson and melanieau

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I can’t believe this film came out and no one ever said here how it’s a goldmine (also in itself) of Phil footage   

Not sure if this has been posted or not but I love this photo of Phil that Guy took

OMG why didnt i think of this? Yeah, Phil is super sexy. The other guys look almost... average looking next to him! Guy's position as resident Hot One is threatened!

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awww yayyy here's one more



i've been toying with the idea a couple of days but thought it wasn't mine to make after all I didn't make a phil is hot sign... but i just couldn't wait any longer! the man deservers a thread

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