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The Official Phil is Hot thread (now known as the greet Phil thread :P)

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he is! LOL especially more than that squishy face in Mel's pic:) Though you could imagine that he's just puckering up there :kiss:

(I got a couple of shots of him that day to, but they're not so great to display his attractiveness since in it he's making some kinda face as well)

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I can’t believe this film came out and no one ever said here how it’s a goldmine (also in itself) of Phil footage   

Not sure if this has been posted or not but I love this photo of Phil that Guy took

OMG why didnt i think of this? Yeah, Phil is super sexy. The other guys look almost... average looking next to him! Guy's position as resident Hot One is threatened!

Posted Images

I wish -but I am going to be in school :( what a drag

You are sooo lucky -what if you get to meet Guy and Jonny again?!!!!!!!


That would be excellent...and an appearance from Mr. Harvey would be quite nice too:D

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Yeah you 'd better be a good stalker girly and FIND PHIL! you'd better be like:

Hi guys good you're here... butt uhmmm could you maybe get Phil?

oh and there will be no arguing.. there is no question... but you know... whoever shows up firts hahaha

btw that photo I posted where chris is standing with his mouth open and phil is wrinting something... is that a screen shot from a video? cause if it was Phil is on VIDEO!!!!

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Now, this is only my own best guess. I'm not sure if Will was there. The best parts are light blue/teal.



The video:



Coldplay “Spies”, no, no, umm… “Bigger Stronger” video Aug. 1999 (transcript)


Guy: God, I haven’t seen this since it was made. I don’t even remember it.


Chris: I’ve never seen it.


Phil: Bigger stronger was the first single that we released with Parlophone, as part of the Blue Room EP. This film was, this video was directed by

Mat Whitecross, who’s a really good friend of the band, still.


Chris: Who’s now very successful.


Guy: Yeah. I wonder if he puts this one into his show reel when he’s uh… (Chris: Of course.) …touting for work.


Phil: Well, he just recently, I think, won best director at uh (Jonny: Berlin) at the Berlin Film Festival with (Jonny: Michael Winterbottom.)

Yeah, so he’s doing great things in the, in the film world at the moment.


Guy: Apparently he’s quite a, quite a well-known actor.


Jonny: Now is it Hammer-horror actor?


Guy: Yeah, Hammer-horror. That’s it.


Phil: God, I hope he got paid enough for this. It doesn’t look very comfortable.


Jonny: No. It was pretty horrific.


Guy: It actually looks a lot better than I remember. I think it gets shit very soon, ha,ha… when we appear.


Jonny: This video was actually meant to be for a song called “Spies,” and if you watch it, it actually goes a lot better with a song called “Spies” than



Guy: That’s right because he’s supposed to tie in with where spies come out of the water like…


Jonny: But then we decided to change what we’d release. But we didn’t have time to change the video.


Chris: We changed the song? Classic!


Guy: It actually looks pretty good. Just where the hand comes out of…. (Jonny: Ha!)


Phil: Whose hand was that Jonny? You remember?


Jonny: I don’t, no. No idea.


Phil: What’s the name of that Swedish director? Mark..Berkowitz…blah blah


Jonny: (?)… El Salvador… darley… That beach is Durtledoor..is it, in…?


Phil: In Dorset.


Jonny: Dorset. It’s a very strange video, ha!


Phil: Ha, ha! It’s very surreal.


Chris: This is... ha, ha, you better be... that’s great/right(?)


Guy: It just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.


Chris: Fucked!


Guy: Oh my God, I think we all have to run into the water in a minute.


Phil: Jonny having one of his famous temper tantrums.


Jonny: Let’s play cricket!


Chris/ Guy: Yeah, cricket. Ha, ha! (Slaps knee)


Jonny: Ha, ha! Why are we playing cricket?


Phil: This is, this is just so Rock n’ Roll! (Jonny: ha,ha!)


Jonny: There was a bit there, that was a bit like the “Yellow” video. We copied ourselves for every other video. Ha, ha. I think I nearly drowned in

this bit.


Phil: Really?


Jonny: Yeah. I wasn’t…


Phil: Were you swimming in the sea, or…?


Jonny: Yeah, I was in the sea. I was, yes. But it’s not actually at all related to the song, ha! There, there’s me, just…surfacing.


Phil: Like a Timotay (?) advert. Hmmm…..


Jonny: It’s graceful as a manatee in the water, isn’t it? Not so graceful.


Chris: Where did we film that, in that…(Phil: Jon’s swimming pool).


Guy: God, we actually went to great lengths to make this video.


Phil: So, did this ever get played anywhere?


Chris: No. Our record company told us it was awful, and we shouldn’t release it. And we said… OK.


Guy: And there we have it.


Jonny: There we are, jumping out o’ the lift. See? Full circle. Comes back to the lift again.


Guy/ Chris: What a load of rubbish!


Phil: ……………… Mat Whitecross. Sorry we changed the song at the last minute.


Jonny: Ha, ha!


Guy: Nonsense! Ha!



I may have messed some stuff up when doing the colors, so let me know.

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Here's a little Phil for all you admirers. From their Parachutes release party. Chris acting like "Chris", a lovely live version of Bigger Stronger and Phil joking about the fan club meeting at the end. :D





Oh my f---ing god. That song was a total Jonnyfest! He is a guitar god! Damn I would love to see video of this. Does that even exist anywhere on this planet? These boys were brilliant right from the start.


Thanks for posting!:D:D:D:D

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what??? hahaha "the fanclub meeting has been postponed," if he only knew then that now we're having "Phil Fanclub" meetings sort of... LOL


and that's an awesome copy of that song! it's such good quality, you can really hear each instrument sounding awesome. love how you can really pick out the bass line, especially, since it isnt usually so noticeable...THANKS for posting!!!!

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^last night I was on Lenny Kravitz's concert and bass player was great (not sexy as Guy, but). While all bass lines I thought about Guy...



Love that video... Phil is ooooohhhhhhh so ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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Oh my f---ing god. That song was a total Jonnyfest! He is a guitar god! Damn I would love to see video of this. Does that even exist anywhere on this planet? These boys were brilliant right from the start.


Thanks for posting!:D:D:D:D

No video but I do have the entire set which consists of Spies, Don't Panic, Bigger Stronger, High Speed, Shiver, Trouble, Yellow and Everything's Not Lost. :D

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