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Miley Cyrus reveals dream man Coldplay's Chris Martin article in Yahoo OMG


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i don't know what to say about this.:dozey:


i want to say that i was casually going through all the yahoo omg stuff and came through this and thought i've to post this,because there is something about it.


but i want to say that Chris even does a lot of things to other girls too like when it comes to celebs he said a number of things to beyonce to every one and also during concerts too in my case he waved at me.


But i am not going such intense that i can never lead my life with out him like her!

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This is fantastic! :laugh3: :laugh3: :laugh3:


Was this from when they were "The Nappies"?


it's from an award show they couldnt attend because they were in the USA. it's pretty funny :lol:


and about Miley.. who wouldnt want to be with a Chris look alike ! :rolleyes:

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I found this comment particularly funny:


"NOT to be rude to Miley but I don't think that, that dude can be perfect for her! I mean he does look cute but does Miley know the other side of him! What he is really inside! Doesn't she care about that one though?"



Yeah, cuz Chris must be a real bad person on the inside. She should definitely be concerned with his personality, he's an awful human being.:dozey:

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This girl is forgiving she's ONLY 15 years old?!?!?! And Chris Martin is married and has 2 children?!?!?!?!


I remember when Britney said she had a crush on Brad Pitt and Prince William...

Miley is using that "Chris Martin thing" for marketing... :dozey:


My dream guy is like Chris Martin, Guy Berryman, Cristiano Ronaldo.... well, dream is free... :D

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Okay I mean, let this girl dream, but does she really have to present her madness in public? :confused:


She's a celib, they do everything in public.


My 8 yearold is a Miley and Coldplay fan. She says Jonny is her favorite so you Jonny lovers better watch out, lol

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Leave her alone, she's just saying she is attracted to that kind of man. That's good, we need people like Chris being wanted rather than people like 50 cent.


I don't really know about her but she's free to say what she wants, just like Chris is free to say he admires the uncountable amount of girls he mentions. She's 15, it's what 15 year olds do.

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