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Sounds like U2


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I have to say that this track reminded me of U2 instantly, and I've always hated the U2 comparisons, I never really understood them to be honest. I don't believe they really sounded much like them in the past, as I don't particularly care for U2, but when I heard this track the likeness seemed undeniable.

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Ok, so i'm not too loco hearing things :lol:


And I'm not the only Coldplayer who doesn't love U2 (my best friend loves them, but i think they're ok...)...


Actually, I used to be into The Smiths and Morrissey in high school, and when I first heard Coldplay, they reminded me of The Smiths... now, not so much


Coldplay can be compared to a lot of bands, just because they have a lot of influences and are not sooo self-conscious that they don't let their influences come out (ok, some members of the band may be more self-conscious than others...)

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