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What sports did you play as a kid?


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So what sports did you participate in as a child. And maybe what do you still play?


My parents had me signed up for soccer. Unfortunately I was afraid of the ball and that kind of prevents you from being effective! I was also really shy so I didn't make a lot of friends playing. I guess it was good for me to be active and to be on a team.


Now adays I play football and floor hockey with my friends. I also play intamural soccer at my University.

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my school forces its highschoolers to do at least one season of a team sport for three out of your four years in the upper school. alas, i was subjected to two and a half hours of volleyball 6 days a week. i hated it more than you know. i had nothing against the sport, and i actually had a killer serve, but i'm one of the least competitive people on this planet, and the coaches insisted on running practices like it was three days before the olympics. it was complete misery.


i'm as unathletic as they come. the only things i have any slight success in are bowling and hockey, when i don't play aganst my brothers or my dad. hockey's in my blood, i guess, but i still massively suck.

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I did gymnastics from the age of about 4 to 10... I loved it most of the time, but sometimes the coaches were harsh on you. The thing I remember the most was them forcing us to climb a rope that seriously was bout 3 or 4 storeys high :worried:

I also played netball, badminton and then basketball, in high school and still play basketball now.

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