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Hey from London, we met Chris!!!


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yep, that's right!!! :D


felix and me are currently in london and we went to see travis at the astoria last night.


so, after the gig we were waiting for the band to come out, cause it's usually very easy to meet them after gigs ;)


and suddenly, someone walked by with a green hat and a few ppl chatting to him already. and then i was like :stunned: :stunned: :stunned: WASN'T THAT CHRIS MARTIN??!!


and it was!!!


so yeah, long story short, it was sooooooooooo great!!! he was so nice, took his time to take pictures and talk to ppl. felix was calling him "mr. martin" :laugh3: that was so cute, haha. and chris was like "oh oh mind the traffic" the whole time ^^

i told him we had seen him in hamburg and berlin already and he said that's amazing :nice:



can't tell you more right now because our time in this internet cafe is limited ^^ we'll be back with pictures and maybe a bit more of the story tomorrow.





:dance: :dance: :dance:



//edit: pictures are now up on page 10!

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Am I jelaous? yes i am...:)

Anyways I am afraid in case I met Chris I would be even more in love with him and that would do bad for my sanity so maybe it is the better for me not to meet him... wait what am I saying????? :D


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OMG !!!!


That is so amazing!!!!!

And so funny!!!


There you are, waiting for Fran to come out, and you get Chris Martin instead!!!! :P

<But i'm sure you're not complaining!!> ;)


I can't wait to hear your complete story!!!!

And check out your pics, of course!!!!!




But wait, did you actually get to meet Fran as well???? :nice:

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ooooh that'so cool!! :dance:


Did you manage to get an autograph?? :nice:


Sure did! I was there too, and I was the one that actually spotted him!!:D

It was an incredible surprise, and capped a fantastic evening, as the Travis concert was fab.

We had hoped to meet the Travis boys of course, but after meeting Chris that didn't matter any more.

I went home on a real high.:dance::dance::dance::dance::dance:


One guy had already stopped Chris, and he was just about to make his escape when I politely asked him if he could spare a few moments of his time.

So he stopped again and then quite a few other people appeared and Chris then ended up being detained for several minutes.

His two female companions were also very patient.

I apologised for taking up his time, and I was heartened to hear him say: "It's OK - it's my job."

I asked him if he had been at the gig, and he said he had, but had missed the start because he'd been in the studio.


I thanked him again afterwards for sparing us the time and wished him "a good evening".

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