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Hello to the Coldplaying Board!

Lost! @ Square One

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Hello everyone! I'm a brand-new member, but I'm a longtime fan and reader of Coldplaying.com, which, I must say, is an utterly fantastic fan site. I finally decided that I should become a member here, which looks like a lot of fun.


Anyway, I reside in the Southern California area, and I have been a die-hard Coldplay fan since 2002. I stumbled upon their video for "In My Place" one very late night on VH1, and the song mesmerized me. A week after seeing the video, I went to a local music store, purchased A Rush of Blood to the Head (which is still my favorite album of theirs), and the rest... well, you know what they say, history. To this day, "In My Place" is the Coldplay song I love more than any other. Also, I've seen Coldplay four times in concert, the last of which was the kick-off of their Viva la Vida tour at The Forum in Los Angeles this past July.


That's about it -- I look forward to being a part of this board! :D


Lost! @ Square One

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