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Jonas Brothers made a cover of Fix You


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Aw, come on you're all being a bit harsh on them don't you think? Given, the singing's not that great, but they're young and and they're trying. It's not like they're dissing Coldplay or anything like that, I'm sure our guys would be flattered.


Plus, did you hear that huge sing-along?:nice:

Yeah, there are a lot worse bands doing a lot worse things. You're gonna tell me if you all had your own bands none of you would cover any Coldplay songs just because they don't sound perfect?:dozey:




Woah...easy guys.


I'm in no way shape or form a fan of JB but my best friend is. She sent me this vid a while ago and was all over it (Fix You is her favourite CP song). I told her I didn't think it was as good as the original and that the lead vocals aren't suitable.


Just think of it like this "Different band, same obsession".

Exactly. They are Coldplay fans just like all of us. Why should we hate on them for wanting to show Coldplay some love?


My band is going to cover a few songs by different bands at live shows. If we screw up, should we be yelled at? No, we're just trying to have fun and show what music we're into, nothing wrong with that.;)


Besides, if you hate it, why do you watch the video? Their fans obviously loved it, so let them enjoy themselves. It's not like we've never had to deal with criticism for liking Coldplay. We should all be a little more considerate of other bands.:smug:

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We don't have to hate them but we can be brutally honest, which in this case could prove to be worthwhile advice to them, that they completely sucked.

I personally didn't think it was that bad. It's a very hard song to sing and I think he put in a lot of effort and hit almost all the notes. Sure, it wasn't as strong sounding as Chris, but few people have that kind of vocal range.

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Truly the worst version of such a great song ever!


Chris struggles with his vocals at times because the songs are so challenging......... but he NEVER just yells a song like that clown did.


Oh dear.......... Russell Brand was so right about these clowns.


Here's a little cover for you Jonas Brothers.....


"What the future's architectured by a carnival of idiots on show, you better lie low"

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