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Who's HOTTER?????.....G.B. or C.M.??!


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Yay I love random threads!!:lol:


Well, Guy is the personification of hot if ya ask me, but Chris is also hot...















I think I will leave this thread with no vote because JONNY IS THE HOTTEST UHAHA Creep.gif

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hMMMM....<<<just sits back and enjoys the watching the battle commence!


"feeling the need to refrain from voting, being the old lady on the board, and mother to 5"




awww, to hell with it, i`m just wiser and more experienced.....


**ticks** CHRISSY!


ok Guy is a gorgeous man, in a classic kinda way....


but Chris, well, my, my ,my.....he just has that "air" about him!

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As an owner of the XY chromosomes I voted for guy, however chris is pretty cool also. Idk, there was some difficulty deciding, especially since im not REALLY attracted to either one. I suppose if I could choose who id rather be i would have to go with Chris, but idk....so many points of view I could look at this from.

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