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new here, big Coldplay fan.


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:surprised: This is quite a surprise... :stunned: I couldn't believe my own eyes, when I saw a new post with the Danish flag that wasn't mine. :lol: I haven't been here long, but as long as I have, I've been the only Danish person.

As if that wasn't enough, you are a female and 16 just like me, haha!

Welcome to the board! Hope you'll enjoy. :nice:


Velkommen til. ;) Hyggeligt at møde dig. Jeg hedder Julie.

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hee Roos


I'm so glad you found this place!

I've had the pleasure of meeting this coldplayer in real life already!

we were waiting in line together before the concert in the Ahoy, I'd like to say thank you again for understanding and letting me stand in line with you guys! and also thanks for keeping me company! it was a real plesure talking to you, and now I hope we'll have lots of chances to talk here as well!


everybody be extra nice to Roos, she let me cut the line!!

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