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Journalist "Punched" By Chris Martin For Mentioning Paltrow's Ex


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If your wife was an Oscar-winner who other actors considered far better looking than you, you'd understandably be a tad touchy whenever the topic was brought up. Chris Martin, for example - mention his wife's previous partners and he's likely to go for you like only a rock star bubbling up inside from suppressing his natural urges to act like Keith Moon can.


Just ask Q editor Paul Rees, who was responsible for this clanger.


During a Q interview and in an acceptance speech at the recent Q awards, Martin had expressed his admiration for the cashiers-made-good from Girls Aloud and so later during the night of the awards, Rees decided to bowl up and compliment the singer on excellent taste in women.


Martin explained to him that he had been told by his wife that he was only allowed to leave her if it was for one of the pop starlets, and by a reciprocal arrangement, she had chosen... Irish crooners Westlife. (Fuck knows why, but then again anyone who thinks eating pulses is a good idea can't really be trusted with anything can they.


Clearly bemused by Paltrow's choice and not giving himself time to engage his brain, Rees blurted out: "You could have at least told her Brad Pitt."

All well and good, given the number of women who'd froth at the mere thought of it.


Except, as Martin so eloquently put it....


"She was engaged to him, you fucker."



Realising he'd just committed a massive faux pas, Rees tried to comfort Martin with a fatherly arm round the shoulder while pointing out that Paltrow had at least dumped the Hollywood A-lister for him.


But sadly these words too failed to resonate with the musician, and he proceeded to execute a swift blow to the chest accompanied by the word "cunt".




Don't expect any Coldplay exclusives in Q in the near future.






Chris was obviously taking the piss, but as usual he gets taken seriously and does his reputation even more harm :P


Guess they're in the new issue of Q though :D

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Even if he did I'm sure Chris didn't care. Is just a shame there's now going to a billion stories saying he does :dozey:


Well we met the real Chris outside the Astoria last week.:smug:

Maybe these journalists should learn to be a bit more polite and tactful.;)

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No, I think you guys are missing my point here.


I think it was a joke between Chris and the Q guy, he may have said it on purpose but it was all very lighthearted.


It's the rest of the press/bloggers that have misinterpreted the encounter ;)

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i don't know, i wonder if it was just a lighthearted thing. that's something a lot of people would take offense to, and we know chris isn't the most secure of people sometimes. i don't think this is one of those times that he says something to "play" with the press, like when he said they sit around sewing their jackets or the sleeping pill thing.



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The Westlife thing was obviously a joke though, I dunno, I get a jokey vibe from it. He wouldn't punch someone in the chest because they mentioned Brad Pitt, especially when Chris has made jokes about him before :idea2: Plus Chris is the one that bought Gwyneth up, he must have been in a good mood to do that.


I still think it was a joke, otherwise it would have come out before now. I did happen nearly two weeks ago :idea2:

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