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Accent to die for...


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my physics teacher was so into it. he had every race on video. so freaky.


ah mika is/was hilarious. finnish media made tons of joke about him at that glory time though. pretty evil.


now everything is up to squeaking räikkönen. :dozey:

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in formula 1:s? me neither/either ( i still don't know which one to use, my english is baaaad ) i lost all interest since last summer. it just became boring to watch schumacher beat everyone race after race. ice hockey is my biscuit nowadays.


or in something else? :stunned: i'm confusslyablyfused.

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moi moi


i'm learning finnish! well sort of...its soo hard though! :D


hmm...nz accents are soo hot! ..as well as irish ..oh and canadian accents too...i had never really paid much attention to canadian accents....untill that alcohol commercial ...hehehe.....

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well a few words here and there such as: tervetuloa, anteeksi, kittos, hei sitten, mita, kuka, ei kosta...lol...orangssi...musta...and stuff like mina, sina , ei, kylla...etc etc..


and a few sentences: anteeksi, en puhu suomea :D , olen eksynyt, milloinsina tulet, mikin sina menet....etc..


i know how to say : anteeksi, tieda tko missa on aptekki? :D hehe..idk why :) ....(but i cant get the two dots on top of the a's and o's :angry: )


and this!!! its sooooo long!!!: kahdeskymmenesensimmainen! :D hehe

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