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Accent to die for...


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sydney-siders that live near the beach (like me) have normal accents, its just neutral, the westies and country folk have really nasal and harsh sounding "aussie accents" a la steve irwin.....kylie minogue has a beachy sydney persons accent...have any of you heard her speak? do you sort of get me?


ginger: southern americans, in my opinion have, possibly THE strongest accents i have EVER heard.....i cant believe no one has ever told you that. its certainly stronger then a 'yankees' accent


and to all the british and irish posters here: you guys have REALLY strong accents too, you may not know it, but you guys stick out like a sore red thumb, as the saying goes.


of course you probably think the same about me, i think im neutral, but im probably not. :) its weird that.

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:oops: just because i live here in the south doesnt mean i have an accent. not everyone here does. and i havnt been in tx all my life...in the south there are plenty of accents. but i just happen to have none of them. i go to other places and people wouldnt know i'm from the south. :roll:

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