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When do you shower?

The Escapist

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I shower in the morning, too, before school.

I need this to get awake otehrwise I couldn't get over the day at school and I would be nearly dead :dead: like a zombie.


And at school I'd be sitting like this :glasses: there. Pretty absent!


A shower is the best :dance: way to start the day!

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You know, while I have breakfast I have to listen to music. Often I watch some video clips of Coldplay or some concerts of them.


It let me forget that I have to go to school sitting there and doing nothing really special.

I can't believe how long some teachers want to talk about a subject even if we wrote our test about it. We will never talk about some things again and especially not about this book (Don Carlos).


Well, when I can start the day with really good music, it isn't so hard to survive the school!

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You evil you! I havent seen those 2 today hmm i wonder what they're up to :uhoh:


haha funnily i just arrived again when you two mentioned my name :wacky:


Oh well. I shower usually at night but sometimes before i go to bed too..

I go to sauna about 3 or 4 times a week so on those days i always shower in the evening too

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