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Hello Coldplayers!!!


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Hey everybody. I've always read this board but never posted until now. Saw both the KC and Oklahoma City shows recently and found that even readers can experience the coldplayer karma.


I decided spur of the moment that I had to drive to OKC on my way back to school (only 4 hours out of the way) sunday night. Didn't have a ticket but somehow wound up center stage 3rd row!!!! What a fantastic night!!!


Anyways, glad to be an official coldplayer now.

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:smart::vanish::pirate:Finally got tired of spying on us, and had to join, eh?:cowboy: Well, as long as you're not a stage-coach robber, we'll let you join! (otherwise, it's 20-lashes with a buggy whip!:curtain::whip::laugh3:)..

Glad you could join, Trevor! & great to hear you had a good time!

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