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How many people around you are crazy about Coldplay?


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How many people around you ( your families, friends, colleagues? ) are crzay


about Coldplay?



Quite a few people here truely like Coldplay and their music. It is frustrating that


I've got even no one to talk about or share the Coldplay stuff.




The good things is after I kept playing their music at home, my families began to


like this band.



Situation must be quite different around you guys, right?

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no one i physically see in my everyday life is as crazy about them as i am, not even close.


however, most of my friends like them, and have the big hits on their ipods. many of them have seen them in concert on either this tour or the X&Y tour. they like them, but say they can't listen for them too long because chris's voice gets annoying or all the songs sound the same. idiots.


but my mom was the one to originally get me into coldplay--she played AROBTTH like it was the only album on earth for about a month back in 2003. she's not coldplay-crazy, but she's pearl jam-crazy, so she gets my obsession :D


and as of this summer, i've converted my brother into a pretty big coldplay fan. he's not like we are on this site, really, but he got all screechy and girly about the recent SNL performance and currently thinks "glass of water" is the best thing in the world :P

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i'm from a tiny little island in the middle of the mediterrean called Malta and before X&Y came out Coldplay weren't really that famous over here. X&Y eventually became the number one album here for some time so i was definately quite pleased- being a fan of theirs since 2002-but still a lot of people weren't TOO fond of them. This year with the introduction of the song Viva La Vida, like everywhere else in the world, Coldplay have become more of a household name but I don't know too many people that are die-hard coldplay fans (no-one in fact) but I'm absolutely definate that my love for coldplay has rubbed off on a few of my friends which is awesome!!

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*looks around*


My older sister liked them for awhile, she went to their concert with me in 06. But then she d/l VLVODAAHF and proceeded to tell me how bad it was. She had never even listened to their albums FFS.


My friend is coming around though. I gave her the album for her bday and she keeps telling me how great it is- yay!

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Well, I've successfully converted a few of my friends to Coldplay fans, none of them are obsessed like me but a couple of them are really into them :) My family like them as well. My girlfriend doesn't like them much though which is a shame :(

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My whole family, my parents, my kids, all hate Coldplay. Well my sister "doesn't mind them " but she lives 300 miles away. Most of my friends "don't mind them" either and I manage to drag one or other of them to gigs with me but I really miss having someone to drool over them with. That's why I'm addicted to coming on here to spread the Coldplay love! My kids love taking the mick out of Chris on a daily basis.

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