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I just wanted to post my appreciation for 'Postcards From Far Away'.


Even though it is quite a short piece of music it is by far my favourite piece on Prospekt's March, or perhaps out of all of the new material I have heard since the release of AROBTTH.


It reminds me of the track 'Parachutes'. Short but sweet.


It also has a 'Bucket For A Crown' vibe to it, which I think can still be found on YouTube.


I like that, even though Coldplay have taken the commercial path with their music, they're still able to create something as deep and as beautiful as this. If you get what I mean.


It was completely unexpected.

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Dan, I love your avatar. I don't know if you saw CP live this time out, but they played some Boards of Canada before Coldplay went on. I was jamming out, it was great.


Thanks :D though I have changed my avatar now..


Haha, yeh BoC are pretty awesome. I was introduced to them by a friend earlier in the year :)

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A really short track,and i don't understand why,but it's a good piano tune,maybe there will be a longer version just like 'Life in Technicolor' it's like they want to know if the people like the tune and if so they will make a longer track,it's an experiment.

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Doubt it, as it strikes me as more of a nice "interlude" track that can't have much added to it, hence why it wound up on the EP. It's great to hear live, but also really suspenseful knowing that you're about to wail and scream when it ends 'cause Viva is about to start.

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