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Coldplay: We've split up 6 times (and that is just on this tour) [Mirror VIP report]


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When the going gets tough, Coldplay get going - their separate ways...


Fortunately, the UK's biggest rock band always manage to kiss and make up. Until their next big bust-up, that is. Frontman Chris Martin tells us that he and the other three members of Coldplay have parted company a whopping SIX times. The most recent split was just last week after it emerged they were being sued by American guitarist Joe Satriani.


Happily, the fab four - who are currently on the London leg of their incredible UK tour - can't stay away from one another for long. Chatting to us backstage ahead of their stomping gig at London's O2 Arena, Chris admitted: "We have split up on this tour. "Every time we do, we get back together about 20 minutes later - we don't even have time to announce it! How many times has it happened this tour? Probably six or seven.


"Each time we say, 'This is it! This is the last show!' But then you have a fun show and everyone shuts up. The last time it happened... well, even our publicist wouldn't have found out about it. To be honest, whenever we have any bad news, I always quit for about 10 minutes.


"I get depressed about something - a gig didn't go well or that person said something terrible. But then the rest of the band will say, 'It's OK, we'll carry on'. I'm trying to think when the last bit of bad news was. Well, putting things into perspective, there hasn't been anything that bad for a while. I'm supposed to be getting divorced, we're supposed to be getting sued... but those things aren't happening so don't really count as bad news. If my publicist calls me then I know it's bad news!"


The band have recently annoyed ageing rocker Joe Satriani, who is suing them for copyright infringement. Satriani reckons Coldplay's Viva La Vida - the name of their charttopping album - rips-off one of his tracks. The suit claims "substantial original portions" of If I Could Fly are recycled in the Coldplay. Of the impending case, Chris shrugged: "We've responded, we're just waiting to see what happens next. We've just got to try and fix it."


Hmm, could be another "split" on the cards..






Aloud a crush on Girls




Just because he's married to an A-list star that doesn't mean Chris can't look at other women.


And it seems the Coldplay singer has excellent taste. He's got a bit of thing for Girls Aloud.

The quintet, supporting Coldplay on tour next year, will be relieved to hear he loves them all equally. Phew.


Says Chris: "Girls Aloud are my favourite girls in the world, aside from my wife and daughter, of course! But they definitely come third to eighth. I chose them for the tour because I was pretty sure if people knew they were doing a gig with us they'd think that was great.


"I'm definitely thinking about doing a a cover of a Girls Aloud song.


"A great band is great because of its chemistry - and that's what Girls Aloud have. "Do I have a favourite girl? I'd hate to risk splitting them up," he joked. You Love Machine, Chris...



Walk-on role for X man Si




Coldplay are planning to make their 2009 world tour X-tra special for fans, by throwing in lots of surprise guests - including Simon Cowell.


The lads are hoping that the X Factor judge - he of high-waisted trousers fame - will agree to a special cameo appearance in the show.

Chris Martin tells us: "I've never met Simon, but I keep wanting to ask him to do a bit in our concert next year.


"At the end of one song I want him to come on screen and say, 'That was absolutely terrible!'


"I think he'd be up for it... but now I've given away a surprise."





Happy to go down Tube




If you were on your way to the O2 on Monday night and thought: "That bloke reading 3am looks vaguely like Chris Martin"- then it probably was!


Because the Coldplay star decided to snub the chauffeur-driven limo and jump on the Jubilee Line to go to his own gig.


He told us: "I was reading your column on the way here on the Tube. I like getting the Tube sometimes to walk into our own gig. You get charged up from the atmosphere.


"No one recognised me. I just bought a Mirror and kept my head down and got off with everyone else. But then security stopped me at the door and I had to explain who I was. That was a bit embarrassing." Bet they thought you were taking the Chris mate...




Chris Martin hasn't bought wife Gwyneth Paltrow's Christmas present yet


We do hope Gwyneth Paltrow isn't expecting anything exciting under the Christmas tree.


Hubby Chris tells us: "We don't finish work till Christmas Eve so I've not really thought about it.


"I don't want anything, I don't need anything and I've not even bought the wife a present yet.


"When someone in the band tells me to play Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, then I know it's time to start getting the presents."


Got it all wrapped up then, Chris...



Leona Lewis still a firm favourite with Coldplay


While Alexandra Burke is grabbing all the headlines, Coldplay remain loyal to previous X Factor winner Leona Lewis.


Raves Chris Martin: "Leona is phenomenal. She is world class, that girl. We saw her singing in LA - she's as good as anybody and I've got nothing but respect for her."



3am's Clocked - we've got spies everywhere...


At Coldplay's 02 gig... Ex boxing champ Barry McGuigan drinking coffee and eating Roses chocolates in the family suite... The band's drummer Will Champion unwrapping Christmas presents backstage... Guitarist Johnny Buckland fiddling with a fake Christmas tree in the group's dressing room...



3am's naughty but nice Wicked Whisper


Which clean-living band shun junk food, insisting on feeding their friends and family backstage with organic, homemade hummus and vegetables?


Bet you can't guess!



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"I'm trying to think when the last bit of bad news was. Well, putting things into perspective, there hasn't been anything that bad for a while. I'm supposed to be getting divorced, we're supposed to be getting sued... but those things aren't happening so don't really count as bad news.




so they aren't getting sued?? :confused:

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What i cant understand is, why are they talking to such a low life, tabloidy "fish 'n' chip" rag like The Daily Mirror????:o:o:o Why cant they talk to The Daily Mail, The Daily Express or even The Daily Telegraph all 3 of which are much more more higly reputable papers than that tit-paper!!!!!


I never take anything written in that paper or The Sun or The Daily Star as being gospel and true!!!!!!:D:D

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From a paper like Mirror all i can expect is "whether Chris bought his wife a gift or not or whether they're splitting or their marriage is working fine or not or whether Chris likes other girls or not or he's interested in his wife and kids"because these papers have all these things to make a big deal.


But not how their tour is working well or not.:rolleyes::dozey:

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Coldplay LP is rubbish ... knot!


COLDPLAY certainly get my seal of approval.


I’ve been blown away by their live performances this year and, away from the stage, I’m happy to report they’re a decent bunch of down-to-earth lads.


But, I’m well aware not everyone holds my opinion.


So in a spirit of impartiality and free speech, I think it only right to air metal loons SLIPKNOT’s opinion of their latest album Viva La Vida.


Their frontman COREY TAYLOR gave his frank assessment of the disc to ZANE LOWE on his end-of-year MTV2 show. And those of a sensitive disposition are advised not to read any further.


He raged: “That is one of the most self-celebratory pieces of **** I’ve ever ******* heard in my entire ******* life.


“Go suck a ******* ****. Are you watching Martin? Suck it. Go eat a bag of ****.


“I ******* hate that album. It’s music to wipe your ass to.”




I’m sure CHRIS MARTIN is a huge fan of Slipknot.



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