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Farewell Woolworths

Black Rose

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It's a shop which has ~ 800 shops around the UK, which went bust and as a result of Lord Brown deciding not to invest, will mean ~ 27,000 people will become unemployed.


Wouldn't it have been tax money though?


Anyway it's a shame a lot of people last their jobs.


The economic crisis really seems to hit Britain badly. I was quite shocked when I realised how much the Pound has gone down recently.

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True, so in a way it's best not to support failed shops who didn't have a role left.


The whole Woolworths closing is very sad, agreed, but surely you can't have expected Brown to bail them out? If the government backed Woolworths, then whats to stop the shop next door who also owe a few quid from getting funding? Or the supermarket chain down the road, if they're in trouble surely they should be helped as well?


The problem as I see it is that if the Government offered financial backing to Woolies, then they would have to do the same to every other shop on the highstreet that is having financial problems. Why should one get treated differently from the others?


Yeah if the Government could bail out all of these shops then that would be great, but whats the point? We'd still lose money through taxes, whichever way you look at it, and people would still lose their jobs.

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