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Have any of you named your pets after Coldplay related things?


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I can tell.... :lol:


My dog's name is Rocko, so.... no


But my facebook pet's name is Rupert :wacky: does that count??? :D

mine is called Darlene (on one game) named after Led Zeppelin song :wacko:

other one is called as i'd like to call my pet (if i ever had a dog): Eden :nice:


but no pets now. :(

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Well no not right now, one cat is named Trekker (The vet named him when they rescued him) and the other cat is Samwise Catgee.


I did buy two Webkinz to ride with me in the car to see Coldplay, as I collect them, and thought that might be kinda neat. The Lion is Martin, and the black and white cat is Chris.

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