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Prospekt: Coldplay Head Back to the Studio With Brian Eno!


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This is good news, so why not have a new thread for it! :D




The band are back in the studio for a couple of weeks with Brian Eno... Prospekt







When it was first announced that Brian Eno was working with Coldplay back in 2007, some people overreacted, pissed their egghead idol was lowering himself to Chris Martin & Co.'s level. But now, a couple years later and with Viva la Vida and The Prospekt's March EP proving to be solid additions to the sweeping arena rock canon, both entities have prospered from the collaboration. Coldplay are not as terribly uncool as before; Eno can afford that new bathroom (and still make albums with David Byrne).


So news that the two are heading back to the studio for a couple weeks (via-- where else?-- Twitter) before Coldplay head out to Tokyo next month is decidedly less controversial than it once was.


The band are playing immense stadiums around the world much of this year, so the possibility of a new release seems slim. Then again, they seem to be in some sort of pleasantly-rocking zone right now, so we'll see. The band is likely to win at least a couple awards at this year's Grammys (airing Febuary 8)-- they did one of those song-collage Grammy ads, too.


While we hope Eno worked some magic on U2's new album, the uber-producer is keeping busy by denouncing Israel and stuff.



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I'm hoping "prospekt" makes another appearance. After hearing the march, I was a little more convinced by those who were expecting a concept album of some sort. A rock opera would be epic sweet. Even it's relatively unlikely to happen, I know they didn't dream up "prospekt" for just one unexplained lyric in a song.

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Coldplay return to the studio with Brian Eno




Rock stars make announcement via Twitter


Coldplay have returned to the studio with famed producer Brian Eno.


Eno produced the band's most recent album, 'Viva La Vida', and worked with U2 on their forthcoming release 'No Line On The Horizon'.


The band made the announcement today (January 23) that they were "back in the studio for a couple of weeks" via a Twitter update.


Meanwhile, Coldplay are preparing to embark on a Japanese tour next month before heading down under for dates in Australia and New Zealand.



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Hail to the bald man.:lol:


Hopefully they're mainly experimenting with styles and focusing on some basic groundwork rather than trying to rush something out by this year (in spite of what they mentioned in past interviews). I want Viva's successor to blow me away just as much as Viva did, and that means the band is gonna want to take their time. Besides, the VLV era still has quite of bit of life in it yet!

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This is very exciting to know!!I wanted them to continue working with Eno.And so it appears.I think he brings a lot to the table.I was kind of expecting Viva to have a little more songs like A Spell A Rebel Yell.A little more atmospheric i guess just because of Eno and they songs he does himself.Maybe they will experiement a little more with this album.Sounds promising though!!

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