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Scottish men are HAWT! (yes? no? maybe? your thoughts)


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From a suggestion about kilts I made on the Berrythread, it occured to me that we should have a thread about good-looking Scottish men.


So far, we have:


Guy Berryman (duh! :rolleyes:)

Gerald Butler

Ewan McGregor

David Tennant

James McAvoy

Fran Healy

Billy Boyd (aka Pippin from LOTR)

Alex Kapranos


Everyone is welcome to post their opinion (in favor or against, but not offensive nor leading to arguments)


Everyone is encouraged to post: photos, videos, GIFs, wallpapers, etc.


Everyone is welcomed to suggest more names to add to the list :D


NOTE: Guy pics are allowed, but notice that the thread is about Scottish men (in plural). Since there's a Berrythread that is pretty much exclusive for pics of Guy, I feel that we need to keep a balance by posting about other hot Scottish men.

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