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Postcards from Far Away Project | FINAL UPDATE, go to COLDPLAY.COM!


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If you can't watch the video, download it here


Video Screencaps: http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/gallery/showgallery.php/cat/1730 (Thanks Ian!)



Here are Debs's most important and currently relevant posts (newest to oldest):


FEBRUARY 16, 2009


Ok so now we have the video, I can talk about the day if you like.

When I got there to arrange all the postcards (I don't know how many there were in the end, i didn't count, sorry!), Will was already in the room and he kept wandering over asking Q's. I was shooing him away. Then Guy came along and did the same, and then Jonny.

It was no easy feat keeping them from picking up cards and asking about the project. Finally I got some time alone to make sure each card could be seen when you walked around them.

I sat at the table as they ate lunch when Chris arrived. Ever the comedian he walked in and shouted "Any post?"

He was also impressed but again, I coaxed him away.

After lunch the band got some proper time to have a look at the cards. I'd always wanted the video to be set to the song and I realize it means that it's a short film but I think it's perfect. Thanks to Roadie #42 and his assistant cameraman for the filming.

I'm not sure if you'll be able to spot your cards but I can vouch for the fact they spent a long time looking at them all.

They were absolutely blown away by the project, the effort, the handwriting, the locations, the creations and special mention to the Studebaker car with VIVA on the side as that was one of the first cards that everyone who was there picked up!


I obviously saw all the cards many times and can remember them all I reckon. I recall Ian's Manchester card, the caricature of Chris (it didn't offend but gave us all a laugh), the countless beautiful butterfly cards (including confetti from shows and one that scared me to death when I opened it; butterflies FLEW out!), the montage photo cards (including "Phil is Hot"), VIVA, cartoon drawings, live photos, George W, recreating Viva video, Johnny Cash, Christmas cards, hand stitched... the list goes on.

They all kept saying how brilliant and talented their fans are and shared cards with each other.

As you can see they were in a jovial mood and it ended with the LiTii puppets joining in. They were sat with postcards on their laps and of course gave the thankyou speech.

It was so great to see cards from Peru, Chile, Finland, Paris, Croatia, Australia, States... well you know, you sent them!... from EVERYWHERE!


Thanks for doing it guys it was a lovely idea and really appreciated.

Sorry if you don't spot yours or if I didn't mention it but that doesn't make it any less amazing. You're all fantastic!




FEBRUARY 11, 2009

As you know things round here are always subject to change and you might have noticed we've been a bit busy!

But.... have a few days off and I'll see you Monday!



January 29, 2009

Hi everyone!

Well I got back from London earlier and all I will tell you at this moment is....

The postcards were delivered yesterday and it was AMAZING!!


They were SO chuffed. I promise there will be a lot more news on this subject but not right now. Bear with me...


Well done guys, you did yourselves proud!


Shhhhhh don't spoil my surprise! I have something planned and you'll just have to wait and see. Be patient people!!


I'm not giving up my weekend to do this by the way! ;)





That means no Jaffa Cake or Doritos talk, people. I know I did it and encouraged it, perhaps more than anyone else, but apparently people were upset by it, and everything came to a head. Now, this thread has been heavily edited, and all posts that were not related to the project have been moved. If you're looking for old posts, please search for them HERE. To avoid further tensions, please keep the talk on the Project only. It's all for clarity's sake.


SCREENCAPS: (thanks, Zemy101 :D)










OLDER TOPICS (for nostalgia and reference's sake :D):


These are the rules and guidelines for participating in the Postcards from Far Away Project.




The bulk of the postcards should have been sent by now, as the intended last day for sending was MONDAY, DECEMBER 22. However, if you have created a postcard you may still send it, but please be aware that the card may not arrive in time for Debs to deliver to Coldplay in early January with all the others, depending on where you live. Since the address is now the permanent fanmail address, your cards will be recieved, but they may or may not make it to Debs in time for her to drop them off in early January. Since we don't know exactly what day in early January Debs plans to deliver the cards, try to have your cards arrive in the UK in the first week of January (I'm an early bird and a worry wart, so I would say try to have them in the UK by January 1!). Get your asses moving, procrastinators!


If you still have to send your card, get it in the mail AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

If you live in Asia, Australia, South/Central America, or Africa, your cards really need to be in the mail by the 25th at the latest for them to arrive in time to be part of the big drop-off (though I think if you haven't mailed it yet, it might not arrive in time anyway :\). Mail between North America and the UK tends to move slightly faster, and mail usually arrives in a week or so. If you live in Europe or especially the UK, also get your cards in the mail as soon as possible, but you have slightly more time to play with if you're looking to get in with the mass-drop-off. Because I worry, I would say still try to have your cards in Debs's PO Box by January 1, but lots of people are going to think that's too early :P. Please PM ApproximatelyInfinite with questions, or ask in this thread.




P.O. Box 246






For the Project, please send unenveloped postcards only.

Debs has said that this PO box address will become THE mailing address for the band and any mail will be accepted there (though NOT packages containing gifts--those will be donated to charity). However, this project is intended for individual POSTCARDS containing short messages of thanks. If you wish to write a longer letter to the guys, please send it separately from the postcards, unaffiliated to the project (though Debs has said there will not be any personal replies). We'd really appreciate it if this project consisted only of postcards, to keep in reference to the song :D

(If you have any questions about the use of envelopes, please PM ApproximatelyInfinite).



-TAKE PHOTOS/SCANS of your card(s) for everyone to see and post them in THIS thread!

-If you're a procrastinator, MAIL YOUR DAMN CARD ALREADY! :P

-PM questions to Lore or ApproximatelyInfinite (Chelsea), or ask in this thread.




(All art by Semy [Zemy101]) :dance:


Download the high-resolution version HERE, or see the other variations HERE.











If you want to PRINT this, download the FULL RESOLUTION version here:







If you want to PRINT this, download the FULL RESOLUTION version here:









Flash animation:



TO EMBED IN YOUR SIG: Copy and paste the following text in green, and delete the space before the last bracket :wink:

[postcards]http://www.imgir.com/images/e9w1gku79x9eehjnlz.swf[/postcards ]



















1. Only mail TWO POSTCARDS, approximately 10.2X15.2 cms (4X6 inches).

Do NOT use envelopes. PM ApproximatelyInfinite with questions.


2. Include the official "Postcards from Far Away Project" LOGO somewhere on the card by printing it out and pasting it on.


3. TEMPLATES are completely optional, but encouraged (and the logo is already on them).


4. Mail your postcards to Debs's P.O. Box (at the beginning of this post) BY AIRMAIL by DECEMBER 22, 2008.

Earlier is always better! Best get it in the mail NOW to ensure Debs has it in hand by the time she gives the cards to the guys in early January.







1.Find or make one or two postcards measuring approximately 10.2x15.2 cms (4x6 inches), which is the maximum postcard size allowed to be sent for postcard rates.

Keeping postcards relatively the same size ensures that they all will be given the same attention upon first look, and reminds the band and Debs that these are part of a united project, making their meaning stronger. You can buy a postcard, like a regular travel postcard from where you live, or you can make a personalized one in any way you wish (though please make sure the homemade postcards are printed/created on thick paper, like cardstock, rather than just regular printer paper). Travel postcards remind the band of our internationality; personalized postcards remind the band of our dedication and thanks. Sending two is great, but do not go over sending two. Imagine how it would look to Coldplay or their management if they keep picking up postcards from the same person and location over and over. We’d like to make this as global as possible, rather than having one person get more noticeable just because they have the time and money to send in 100 cards.


2.Write a personal message of thanks to the band.

It’s probably best to keep the message short and sweet, yet heartfelt and true. It can be written in any language and say whatever you’d like, personal or generic. We think that if our plan works and they actually get to read some of these, it would mean more to them to have a few lines about a personal Coldplay experience you had, such as how a particular song helped you through a hard time. It would also be nice to say something like “Merry/Happy Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” too, since we’re aiming for these cards to get them by Christmas. Try to address the cards to Coldplay as a whole, or “Coldplay and Crew” rather than an individual band member, since this project is about generally thanking them rather than saying you have the hots for Guy or Jonny.

On the half of the postcard designated for the address, please write this:


P.O. Box 246






Debs has set up a P.O. box for us where all the cards will be mailed, so this is where she will collect the postcards before delivering them to the band.

However, do not put your return address on the card. There is limited room on postcards as it is, and postcards usually don't allow space for return addresses. If you put on your home address as well as Debs's P.O. Box, the post office may get confused about which address to send the card to and either hold it for a long time at the post office or at worst, send it back to you.


3.Include the official “Postcards from Far Away Project” LOGO on the card somewhere, or use a given template.

Including this seal or the template reinforces the notion of a united project, which will probably make the cards more meaningful to the band as a whole. If you can’t print out this seal and paste it on, please at least write “POSTCARDS FROM FAR AWAY PROJECT” in some obvious place. The templates are completely optional and not required, but provide an easy way to write your postcards and show what we are aiming for all the cards to look like, more or less.

We're not going to be strict about which logo you use, since they're all beautiful and all get the point across. We still voted on ONE to use in official venues so the project can be associated with a logo on the coverletter etc, and it would be nice to use the "official" one to enforce the unity of the project, but really, you can use whichever logo you'd like that's posted in the thread.


4.Be sure to say where the postcard is sent from!

We think the band would like to know where each card is sent from, and it would emphasize their global fanbase. Usually, postcards don’t have a place to write a return address, but writing “SENT FROM [your city and country]” would probably increase the meaning of the notes.


5.Scan or take a photo of your postcard before sending it off and post it here on Coldplaying!

We’d love to see everyone’s cards, especially the handmade ones. We know that most people will put tons of effort into them, and it’ll be even more fun to share them all with each other. THIS is the thread to post your photos/scans of your card(s) in.


6.Go to your local post office to obtain the correct amount of postage for mailing your postcard(s) to England [Not applicable to UK residents].

Don’t just slap some stamps onto the cards and throw them in the mail. International mail rates change depending on the weight of the item and distance from destination, and it is best to be sure that you have the correct amount to ensure delivery and timeliness. Please send your postcards by AIRMAIL and that you receive and attach the appropriate stickers at the post office. If you don’t send the cards by airmail, they will probably be sent by sea and will arrive weeks or even months too late! Check THIS link to see how long regular mail takes versus airmail--airmail really is the only way we can go. The post office will then mail your postcards from there. If there is NO possible way that you can get to a post office whatsoever, write AIRMAIL in an obvious place at the top of the card and put on several MORE stamps than you think would be required to get your cards to England; perhaps your currency’s equivalent of two US dollars worth of postage to be safe.

Also, DO NOT PUT YOUR POSTCARDS IN ENVELOPES. Envelopes are more expensive to send and there is too much temptation to enclose other things inside the envelopes that make the cards seem less equal and less united. If you are sending two cards, send each one separately. There is no need to use an envelope anyway--the cards will get there the same without them :D. If you have questions about this, or your country REQUIRES the use of envelopes, PM ApproximatelyInfinite.


This project isn’t looking to get anything back, like signed photos or albums. It’s all about thanking the band and crew/team for all they’ve already given us, this year in particular, and saying “happy holidays.” We assume that because you’re a member of this site, you’re a big Coldplay fan and wouldn’t be too embarrassed or feel too stupid sending in a couple sentences of thanks. For this project, the more participants is DEFINITELY the merrier, and we’d love to send in hundreds of cards (thousands might be too optimistic, but we’d love to get there too!).


If you follow these rules, mail your cards as soon as we get the address, and put your faith into the international postal service, everything should go to plan and if we’re lucky, Coldplay will receive all our postcards and hopefully will read them!


Any questions can be directed to Lore or ApproximatelyInfinite (Chelsea) in a PM. The more postcards the merrier, and we believe the more Coldplay will be touched by our efforts.


Thank you all so much for your ideas, help, enthusiasm, and participation. We hope that the sheer number of cards will be just as touching to the band as the messages they contain, and we couldn’t have organized any of this without all of you. Now, get creating, writing, and mailing!








This can be tricky. At least in America, where I'm from, postcards are hard to find outside of big cities and touristy places. Neither my hometown or uni town have postcards, so I'm making both of mine. If you can find some somewhere, by all means use them (it might be worth asking your post office if they know where you can buy some). Otherwise, I would say it's better to make your own, and more fun!



If they're not the correct size already, resize the templates to 4X6 inches (10.2X15.2 cms) using programs like Paint or Photoshop etc. You can print your postcards/templates out on ANY card of that size that is thicker than regular printer paper. It's easiest to print them out on cheap 4X6 inch index cards. Set your printer to print on paper of that size, make sure you select "fit photo to frame" (or other similar option), use the best quality setting on your printer, and voila.



You can print out the logo in any size you would like, or any size that would fit. Put it wherever it fits (but NOT where the stamps go and NOT where the address goes), on whatever side you want. You can use whatever logo in the thread you would like, really, but we *suggest* you use the official one at the beginning of this post. Some of the logos are very large and/or detailed and need to be resized to use, so bear that in mind.



MAIL ALL CARDS BY DECEMBER 22, 2008. Debs will give the cards to the guys in early January, so make sure your cards are in the mail by December to allow a few weeks for delivery.

Check THIS link under "Last Posting Dates - International Airmail (Delivery estimate 10-14 days)." However, EARLIER IS ALWAYS BETTER. IF YOU DON'T SEND YOUR CARDS BY AIRMAIL, THEY WON'T ARRIVE IN TIME.

The dates in this link actually apply to sending international mail FROM the UK, not TO the UK, but they are still good guidelines to stick to.



Even if you're sending two cards, please send them each separately. If you're sending one card, please DON'T put it in an envelope. Enveloped mail is more expensive to send anyway, and postcards don't require envelopes anyway--they'll get there perfectly fine without envelopes. Also, if people use envelopes, there will be a temptation to enclose other things, such as a longer letter or more artwork or something like that. This project is about everyone having the same amount of space to express themselves artistically, and then the same amount of space to express themselves verbally (in a concise way). It becomes unfair once people start using envelopes, and it seems like less of a united project. Besides, it's called POSTCARDS from far away, not LETTERS from far away :D.

If you have any questions regarding this, or your country REQUIRES the use of envelopes, please PM ApproximatelyInfinite.



There is limited room on postcards as it is, and postcards usually don't allow space for return addresses. If you put on your home address as well as Debs's P.O. Box, the post office may get confused about which address to send the card to and either hold it for a long time at the post office or at worst, send it back to you.








THIS THREAD IS ONLY FOR QUESTIONS REGARDING THE PROJECT. Please post all your suggestions and comments HERE.

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Awww thanks guys!

Good news and possibly bad news....

I got a letter from Royal Mail with the PO Box address (yay!) but for some insane reason it says "starting Dec 1st" (grr).


I told them what it was for and how important it was and I needed it asap and they said I'd get the address on the 21st and could use it from then!


So...... this is what I suggest...


Check the last posting dates from your area and then if you can wait til the 1st, do (ie UK). Otherwise I reckon the international peeps can post now. I am sure that's fine. I will assume that I can't pick up until 1st Dec which is of course won't effect the project... as long as the box is able to receive that's not a problem.

I will call them on Monday so will let you know if they advise me differently.

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No worries, the PO Box will become THE address for any mail for the future now, it's long overdue. Anyhow, there will be no personal replies as you say but people can send any mail to the address (I will give it to you on Monday).

I will always say that we don't accept gifts. The boys are in such a great position through their work to afford anything they need or want so it's always nice to think that people are donating to their chosen charity for a cause that needs it, so hopefully I won't be getting presents at the PO Box as they will be donated to charity too!


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Here is the address:


PO Box 246






They do say the service will start 1st december so as long as they don't arrive before, we're fine but I can't see International mail getting here before Monday if posted tomorrow anyway!

I look forward to seeing your efforts everyone!


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Chelsea, I think the bottom two lines are supposed to be joined. So it's




That's how British Zip Codes usually look.


Also, I think Cheadle is in/near Manchester, but as long as you have the PO Box and the Zip Code, you'll be fine


Thanks Debs!!!


Ooops I didn't preview post but yes, I did type them altogether as above. And also, do put UK on if you're outside UK just as you would with any other address.


Re cut off date, that's up to you guys, you don't need my consent, as I mentioned the PO Box is something I've needed for ages so is a permanent fixture, I just need to know when that date is to organise the handing over.

Bear in mind the tour dates in Japan & Australia...

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Ok so... I collect them in person (that was my choice) and it's so close to where I live it's not a problem. It's Cheshire technically for those who were interested and I am seeing them on the 11th & 12th but that's not giving enough time so why not make it sometime in January? They'll be working even before they leave to go on tour so I can pay them a visit...

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I just want to know if they got them already!!!

This wait has been so difficult!




Of course I'd tell you if they had been delivered but not yet. I went back to work last monday and want the boys to have their break and catch them during a break in the studio. I am trying to organise something and have already booked my train to do it so will let you know when that happens. Obvioulsy it will depend on their workload but I have made sure someone knows my plan so we can get to do it. I don't want to tell you what the plan is but hopefully I will have news before end of the month!

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oh! your plan is making me excited Debs! :D Would it be too much to make a video of it? I'd love to see their reaction but if not it's okay. I'll still be happy to read their reaction :nice:




I am gonna guess for Sat 31


Shhhhhh don't spoil my surprise! I have something planned and you'll just have to wait and see. Be patient people!!


I'm not giving up my weekend to do this by the way! ;)

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Hi everyone!

Well I got back from London earlier and all I will tell you at this moment is....

The postcards were delivered yesterday and it was AMAZING!!


They were SO chuffed. I promise there will be a lot more news on this subject but not right now. Bear with me...


Well done guys, you did yourselves proud!


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so you're not expecting a live broadcast on the news then? :P or a visit from jonny? :laugh3:
Maybe they could spot me a lawyer after I take a flame thrower to Ticketmaster and Live Nation. Surely not all their lawyers are working on that bloody Joe case. At least a conjugal visit from Jonny while I'm in prison. :sneaky:
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Maybe they could spot me a lawyer after I take a flame thrower to Ticketmaster and Live Nation. Surely not all their lawyers are working on that bloody Joe case. At least a conjugal visit from Jonny while I'm in prison. :sneaky:


at the risk of going off-topic, why you taking a flame-thrower to Ticketmaster/LiveNation?



A video of Debs delivering the postcards to them looks possible... a live broadcast of all 4 of them performing songs we chose with Phil dancing in the back sounds more like a dream :P


A thank you note written on Phil's jumper from the last video, with a competition for someone to win it?

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