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Postcards from Far Away Project | FINAL UPDATE, go to COLDPLAY.COM!


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How abouta video of the coldplay puppets from the LIT2 video saying


"Thank you for the postcards! We love you all. I'm off to find out how we're talking. I mean, we're puppets!"


Well that must be the Chris, Jonny or Will puppet talking 'cos the Guy puppet would just be asking "What the hell did they do to my face?"


Oh, and I think a blog entry & a photo

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Shhhhhh don't spoil my surprise! I have something planned and you'll just have to wait and see. Be patient people!!


I'm not giving up my weekend to do this by the way! ;)



"Shhhh, don't spoil my surprise" to me seems like she's saying 'yeah, that's indeed what I did, video them getting the bag/bags of cards, don't tell everyone yet'



But I still love the idea of photo montage backdrop of all the cards on video big screen. While Chris plays a new full song version of PFFA on piano. Oooooh goosebumps just thinking about that!!


Of course, once again, just happy and thankful to Debs that they got them!!



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