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Chris = godfather to be?


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Simon Pegg just posted this in his blog..


Hello all,


As some of you may have heard, due to The Daily Mail's kind and considerate decision to run a story despite over hearing me express a desire to keep things hush hush, Maureen and I are going to have a baby. We're trying to do it as quietly and privately as possible although perhaps a scoop was to be expected, seeing as we were out at the Brits last night (last one for a while). The place was of course full of journalists, a few of whom are our friends. I notice the piece in the Mail is written by an undisclosed 'reporter'. Guess I'm still naive after all these years.


I just wanted to let you guys know and to ask you not to worry about sending us gifts. In the past, many of you have been very generous with birthday and Christmas pressies. Fact is, we're running out of room and our house is about to get a whole lot smaller. If you do feel the urge to bestow a trifle, I have recently started to work with Nordorff-Robbins Music Therapy. It's an amazing organization that seeks to help children suffering from severe illnesses and conditions such as autism, to reconnect with the world through music. Music therapy is a remarkable technique which is benefitting more and more people, as the organization grows. Go check out the website here and if you did feel like giving baby Pegg a gift, a donation to the charity would be lovely. I'm sure most of you weren't planning on cracking out the knitting needles but go check out the site nonetheless. It's fascinating and genuinely heartwarming stuff. Music therapy really does work.


Hope everyone is well.


Love, as ever


Simon (father to be) x"






Do you think that he will ask Chris to be the godfather?

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Wow this is so cool! congrats to Simon and his wife :). I actually think Chris WILL be the child’s godfather, as the friendship between him and Simon is really close and Simon is apple and moses’ godfather. So I suppose its sort of inevitable and expected. But we’ll see what happens! :happy:

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Just because Simon is Apple's godfather doesn't mean Chris has to be Pegg Jr's. By that logic Chris should also be the godfather to many other kids, since Apple and Moses have so many, including Violet Buckland.


I'm just happy Simon is having a child. Booo on the Daily Mail reporter though.

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