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01-Jun-2009: Darien Lakes, Buffalo, NY, USA

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204 row 1...had to try a couple times...upset about no 100 available.


edit: it sucks, but this is what happens with most presales, unless its the bands fan club presale. I know with Pearl Jam they always have the best seats available for their fan club presale. When I got Coldplay tickets for Cleveland with the presale the best seats weren't available for that. Oh well, at least the site ran smoothly and we got tix witout a hassle unlike Ticketmaster's site.

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I thought the pre-sale started this morning, but thankfully I checked the site yesterday!


I ended up getting section 203, row 5. I was really hoping to get 100 level or at least in the 200 section. Hopefully the 203 side section will be okay.


The site says that digital cameras are allowed at Darien...but does anyone know if this is true?

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I just found out I won tickets through 98pxy's ClubPXY! I guess I shouldn't have bought tickets yesterday...well it depends on how good the seats are.



I may end up having two extra tickets for sale...section 203, row 5....but I will not know until I know where the seats I won are located.

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Did anyone else notice that there are GA Pit tickets available now? Where is that, and why the hell weren't they available on Thursday? UGH :veryangry2:


Oh, I guess this answers a question I made on the other thread. I asked if the Pit tickets suddenly popped-up the day of the general sale, while there was no info about it on the pre-sale?

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