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The Revolution is coming

Extraneus Oli

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Hey peps


Long time, no see, but this has just come though from the press office of EMI and looks interesting.


Press release CMEMI01040901 - The Revolution is coming.


In between days off during the world-tour of Viva La Vida, Chris began recording some new songs with just his voice and a piano. It began as something very off the cuff then within a couple of days, in the early hours, an album consisting of thirteen songs was finished, some are old songs re-recorded, some are new songs left over from the sessions and some are just new. All songs are just Chris Martin.


Presenting, the Sounds of Revolutions


The Journey

A Ghost is Harmless

A Postcard from Faraway

Ode to Dale Winton

It begins at 12:34

Solid Ground Down Below

Magic Hours with a cup of Milk

We will both go down together

Almost Persuaded

Yet a Bad World

Death have found me

Invisible Tears

The Graveyard at 18:42


Sounds of Revolutions by Chris Martin is going to be a free digital album with physical copies being given away with copies of the Mail on Sunday on the 12th April, the digital album will be available to download from 12:34 on the day of revolution, the 3rd April.


In addition, solo-shows are in the pipeline.


Mary-Rose Carter

EMI Records UK


(To media users, this press release is for immediate release.)


Sounds interesting doesn’t it



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