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Ok i know this isnt exactly a game, but it's really entertaining.


Basically it's when you swap the first letters or sounds of two words and it makes a new phrase or just sounds really funny. You can also swap the middle parts of words.


For example:


A crushing blow --> A blushing crow


You have hissed all my mystery lectures --> You have missed all my history lectures


Someone is occupewing my pie --> was supposed to be: Someone is occupying my pew


*the highlighted letters/sounds were swapped*


They can either make sense or make no sense at all, and they can be extremely funny, especially when you say them on accient when you're talking.


True story --> One time my friend's mom said "do you want some porn cops?" when she meant to say "do you want some corn pops?"



So I know this thread might fail miserably, but I just wanted to see if anyone else could come up with some funny ones! :)




I'll start:



Little scoop --> Skittle loop


Lead house --> Head louse :lol:

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