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The day Briggins was most bored


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How do you know? You don't remember. I would think childbirth would be terribly exciting. Do you know the effort it takes to inflate a pair of baby human lungs for the first time? And you must have been crying your skull off. Why would you do that if you weren't excited in any way?

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I find I forget boring days.


And thats one day I'll never remember.


Maybe there is a flaw in my logic.


That's a pretty good logic. But what if you had amnesia for a couple of days?

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Or I like looking at the pretty ladies in their summer clothes :rolleyes:


Yes I'm such a perv :(


Or that's the definition of "life" for at least a quarter of the Earth's population. Meaning, or, my point still stands. :P

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The only good thing about guys is that they're very, very sexy.


Are you saying that girls can't be sexy? :P


(Haha, I know what you're saying. But does that mean you think that ALL guys are sexy?)

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I have not been bored today. At all.


I don't see how you guys keep confusing creative output for boredum!


This is boredum: sitting around telling people that you're boring or that you need to get hobbies and just talking about the same old stuff in the same old threads.

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