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The Quest for the Stanley Cup 2009


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I completely agree. I don't care if people are cheering for the team if they have liked them for a while, or even if they have say their favourite player on the team, etc. What I can't stand is people who I've never heard say a word about hockey suddenly becoming the biggest Penguins fans on the planet and changing their facebook status, etc to Penguins propaganda.

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I just became a hockey fan this year and the Pens were always my second favorite team, and I remember posting about them several times in here. :uhoh:


And I'm keeping my avi, might change it tommorow though. :P

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I've been a Pens fan for a while now though. They are my two favourite teams- Leafs and Pens.

And besides you always pick a team to cheer for from whatever is left in the playoffs and finals especially, and I would be happy for any other team that won, it's just this year I'm happier because like I said I'm an actual fan.


Your Sig + My Avi = WIN!




I just love Malkin :heart:


:D Yes it is!

I love Malkin too!

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and you Space Cadet


You're fucking Canadians, you should have no connection with the team, yet you are cheering about it.



Sidney Crosby from Nova Scotia *points at location* just became the youngest captain to ever win the Stanley Cup. And yet you say I should have no connection with the team. Look in last year's hockey thread- I've been cheering for the Pens for a while now. In fact I've watched more hockey this playoffs than I have in the entire rest of my life thanks to him- it's way more exciting now than I remember it being as a kid.


And news flash buddy, most NHL players are still Canadian. There's this tradition where each winning player gets to take the cup home with him for a couple of days and show it off to his hometown. That means most Canadians will have some sort of connection sooner or later no matter where the winning team is from.


And if you're really British why do you care anyway? By your logic you're not even from the same continent so you shouldn't even be reading this thread. :p


But just in case Liverpool ever does really well and I ever get excited, before you chew my head off for that too, I may not follow soccer much outside of the world cup, but I have some very good reasons for supporting them for many years already. Yes, I'm first and foremost an F1 fan, have been for my entire life, Nigel Mansell will forever have my undying loyalty, and I don't have much time for following other sports. But I do watch them occasionally and I don't see what's wrong with getting into it and getting excited when I do watch. Harumph. :shifty:


And now, at your request, I will die. Goodbye.







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