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More support acts? [2009]

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Hey, sorry if im threading in wrong place here, but im a newbie!


Does anyone know if there are to be any more support acts for the wembley shows in september?


Obviousley i know that the main support is Girls aloud and then jay-z, im going to go to either one but the 3rd acts on the bill may possibly sway my decision either way.


I am not sure wether there has been an anouncement on this but if not then are their any whispers going about??:confused::confused:


Thanks guys.

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Mercury Rev weren't bad in Singapore...but then i didn't know any of their songs (heck, i admittedly have never heard of them til that day).


then again, the only Jay-Z tunes i know are the mash up stuff he did with Linkin Park. i hope i don't get confused songwise... :p

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BTW:- EFJ and the Juniors were bloodey mervellous in glasgow, december 08.


Thats, Eugene Francis Junior.

He was very fresh sounding, and seemed pretty DTE when talkin to the pilgrims.


Wouldnt mind him on the bill but i dont think many will agree, and no way he can pull off wembley stadium! Not confident enough i dont think,,,...


Any thoughts?....

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