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peter griffin hates chris martin

mrs. chris martin

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so, about an hour ago i just saw the new episode of family guy titled "420," and there was a scene where peter was high & then it listed all the celebreties he hates, & everyone he hates was listed once, except chris martin, who was listed about 4 times for emphasis. it was something like:

chris martin

chris martin's agent

(something else about chris martin)

(then the rest of the list, and finally at the very end:)

chris martin's ancestors


at first i was reading it vividly b/c something told me that they're gonna put him. idk why that thought came to my head, but it just did, then when i read "chris martin" i started cracking up b/c i felt psychic.


i wish i could show you the vid but it was like an hour ago so it's not on youtube yet

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I half expected you to say 'Gwyneth' for a moment.


lmfao, i'm kind of insulted by that, although she is the technical mrs. martin, for NOW at least.


Oh. HER.


Nice to meet you, Mariam! I'm Diana Martin/Berryman! :P


hi diana! don't worry, i won't forget it!


i still love seth macpharlane & family guy & american dad & the cleaveland show (coming soon!!)

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haha, oh c'monnn, the cleveland sow? it just SOUNDS bad. if it was the Quagmire show or the Adam West show the it would sound good. but Cleveland isn't enough of a standout character. it would be like the simpsons giving Lisa her own spin off. who cares about Lisa?


American dad is awesome. but it's a completely different show with completely different characters.


all I have to say it 'Joey'


I rest my case.

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you do not, in any way, shape, or form, insult the simpsons, or ANY character on the simpsons! :veryangry2: lisa is amazing, and if she had her own show it would TOTALLY work.

it's gonna be a totally different show, he's gonna move to virginia & have a different family. i agree, he's not THAT stand out, but you know seth will make it awesome.

the only thing that pisses me off about this show is that they had to cancel king of the hill :cry: but, i have some hope b/c family guy was cancelled. twice.

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ugh, i hated friends to begin with, so don't even use joey as an example b/c friends doesn't even compare to family guy, & no one can deny seth macpharlane's talents.

i seriously want to jump throw this computer & kick your ass right now. the simpsons is the single greatest show on earth. it is to tv what coldplay is to music. and i'm being totally honest right now, i think the new episodes are funnier than the old ones.

it's ironic b/c when i watched today's episode w/ my brother & cousin they were like "the show's like 20 years old, i think they ran out of ideas it's not that great anymore." but right when we were watching it they were laughing & at the end of the show realized how retarded they sounded.

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