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who the HECK is politikclocks???


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This dude politikclocks keeps iming me on aim and wont tell me who they are. is it one of you? he just keeps posting radiohead lyrics. hes way annoying. i thought it was greg. but its not. i know its a coldplay and radiohead fan. is someone playing a sick joke on moi. :cry:

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wait. you say he's way annoying and then think it was me!? well thanks a lot!! :angry:




j/k hun. It's not me I swear , i couldnt do that to my lil el nino now could I? :kiss:


that username looks familiar though, ive seen it here before im sure

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i know he is daniel. but he lacks. depth? i cant even talk to the guy without him reffering to radiohead lyrics' date=' thoms looks, or moisturizer :dozey:[/quote']

yeah i know what ya mean!!! :dozey: :rolleyes:

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