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Star Trek

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I want to see this! :wideeyed: Hopefully next wednesday, but it looks really good from the trailers. I wasn't really a fan of the series or films, though i wouldn't say i disliked them, but I'm glad so many people who havn't really watched Star Trek in the past like this film so far! I havn't been able to find one negative review so far (not on rottentomatoes.com, at least).

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Well Mr. Quinto certainly doesn't disappoint... it's a really interesting take on the character in a good way... though I'm not quite sure what to make of it for a couple of minor spoilerish reasons... :blush:


Simon Pegg and Karl Urban are awesome too. :nice:


And coincidentally, I was looking for an old Wayne and Schuster sketch the other day and came across this instead:


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nv8SAmO7lgM]YouTube - "Star Schtick" from Canada's Wayne & Shuster Show - pt. 1/4!![/ame]



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I literally jizzed in my pants when I heard he was gunna play spock, such an inspired choice.


I can't wait to see this, gunna go at the weekend


I kept on expecting Chole to appear :p


I've seen the film and thought it was really good and I've never liked Star Trek at all before.

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I really wanna see this! I'm a fan of Zachary Quinto as well, so can't wait to see him as Spock


Me too! I'm also a fan of Simon Pegg and couldn't wait to see him as Scotty!


Well, i saw it this afternoon and i've got to say neither of them disappoint, i thought they were both awesome! And yeah, i pretty much loved the film :D

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^^I double-checked, and nope. Mission: Impossible III was JJ Abrams's first movie as director. I saw it on Friday and I'm not a fan of the whole Star Trek thing, but I loved the movie. Chris Pine, who is absolutely gorgeous, was really good as Kirk and Zachary Quinto was awesome as Spock. I was really looking forward to seeing Simon Pegg and John Cho, too. I'm gonna go see it again, this time in IMAX. I just heard that there is going to be a sequel to it. =)

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I need to see this again in IMAX, i swear.


I thought it was generally excellent, but the odeon cinema i went to had it out of focus on the left side and it was really bugging me :P Because from what i could actually see, it had some of the best visuals i've seen in a sci-fi film for a while. As for the film itself, I'd give it 9/10. I'll definitely be checking out any subsequent films if its done in the same style with the same director and actors on board.

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