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Sup, Dawgs!


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Hmm. Hello Coldplay fans, how are you all? I'm Olivia, also known as Revolwem (MewLover backwards).


I've liked Coldplay longer than I have Mew but I've listened to Mew every single day since I first heard their music. It was love at first listen for both of these bands. I hope to post here as often as possible read the interresting threads y'all have. Maybe learn more about Coldplay and Apparatjik while I'm at it. Well, I guess that's most of it. Thanks. :)

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Thank you ever so much. You are all so amazingly and unebelievably sweet and kind. My word, what a treat to find such wonderful and interesting people on a music forum. WOWza!Thank you so very much for your warm welcomes. Thank you especially Clint who has welcomed me a good five times now. I hope to enjoy my time here very, very much. Peace out. x :)

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