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"Make It, Break It" - Previous winner and judge Chris Martin


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Make It, Break It Awards 2009


Make It, Break It (MIBI) is a unique songwriting contest for young UK based musicians to showcase and develop their music to get to the next step.

Judges include Chris Martin (Coldplay), EMI record label & music publisher, Radio 2 presenter Mark Radcliffe, music producer Steve Levine…..

for full judges details click here and listen to Chris Martin on what winning the competition meant to him.



MIBI Judges - Chris Martin


Chris Martin was a winner of the competition in the 90's when he was just 15 years old, although at that time it was known as The National Youth Rock and Pop Awards.

Chris received encouragement and support after winning and he has remained actively loyal and supportive ever since.




Chris’ phenomenal rise with his band, Coldplay, continues the story with four ambitious musicians who got together because they wanted to write great songs.

Coldplay hit huge success almost immediately with their first album Parachutes with hit songs including Yellow and Trouble.

The album went on to receive a nomination for the Mercury Music Prize in 2002.




Their second album 'A Rush of Blood to the Head' was even more popular with audiences and critics alike.

It firmly established Chris, Will, Guy and Jonny as one of the biggest bands in the world.


View video





The interview is posted in parts on youtube as well:



[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3vjukVTzSA]MIBI Interview with Chris Martin - Part 1[/ame]

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Coldplay’s Chris Martin chooses Liverpool teenager as finalist in songwriting contest


A LIVERPOOL teenager has been short-listed in a prestigious song writing competition for young people.


Danny Dunne, 17, has been named among the finalists of the 2009 Make It Break It awards, run by Yamaha and the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts.


His song Said Too Much was chosen by a judging panel headed by Coldplay’s Chris Martin.


LIPA founder Sir Paul McCartney said: “I like the experience MIBI gives and what it does for young songwriters who want to get their songs in front of a public audience.”


From the finalists, the judges will now select six winners to perform at an awards ceremony at the Mount Street fame school in November.


The winners of two age categories will receive an all expenses paid music academy at LIPA packed with master-classes, an A&R meeting with EMI and a recording session.



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Funny that you found something about it!!

I was looking for news about MIBI just today!!


You can listen to the song on the myspce site of MIBI:




And here's the thread about the MIBI competition:

"Make It, Break It" - Previous winner and judge Chris Martin


(Merge maybe?? :uhoh:)

EDIT: haha, ok. So you read it, Ian :)

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