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BNP TV Launches New “Muslim Sex Grooming” Video Series

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BNP TV Launches New “Muslim Sex Grooming” Video Series




British National Party television has completed a three part series on Muslim grooming of young white girls, featuring interviews with three victim families who have for the first time been prepared to come on camera and warn the rest of the country about what is really going on as a result of mass immigration to this country.


Introduced by BNP leader Nick Griffin, the harrowing videos provide an insight into the torment suffered by the families of this insidious crime. Mr Griffin points out that anger should not be directed against the immigrants, but at the police and authorities who have created the problem in the first place, and simply cover up and lie about its existence.


“These crimes make it all the more important that the BNP gets elected to the European Parliament on Thursday’s elections, as only then will we be able to force the police and authorities to take this issue seriously and address its root causes,” Mr Griffin said.


Videos can be viewed here: http://tv.bnp.org.uk/



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