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Hello from Dallas

Becca Hopkins

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well, really it's Mesquite. I'm Becca and I was at the Dallas show and it was the best I've been to in a long time! I live with two Scottie Terriers Quinn and Grady. I'm a member of Amnesty International, Oxfam America and yes I'm a vegan.


I'm a "older" fan but remember that you are only as "old" as you allow yourself to be.:wink3: I work for a dentist in Dallas and our patients know that I love Coldplay.... so much so that one found a tote bag at Walmart with a pic of the band on the front and bought it for me! :D

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Hi, I went to the Dallas show as well it was Phenominal!!!


I have the same bag, I begged my mom for two days to buy it for me, I was broke, so I begged my dad for my allowance early and I bought it, might seem sad but I now carry it everywhere with me, it's even better than by most expensive bag :)


















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