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Wembley 2009 - Right time to arrive!


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Hi guys, I've booked a hotel now and will be buying my tickets shortly. The match will finish at around 4.45pm, hopefully what you said is correct and Coldplay won't start until 8. Could they even possibly start at 7? How come there is a 4 hour wait for the actual band anyway?

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when i went to see oasis...the first support act came on at 5..and oasis were on at about 8ish..which we were supprised about and then they finished about 10:30 - 10:45ish i think they dont mind it being a lil late, as long as they are going according to the set list and ur towards the end, like last songs..


off topic but what time are people queing up...im thinking 1ish but i dont wanna be too early or too late that i dont get into the golden circle!

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offical wembley Stadium website

General admission turnstiles open: 3:50pm*

Coldplay: 9pm*


*subject to change


Unoffical source on another thread

This is the full thing!


17:20-17:50 White Lies

18:05-18:50 Girls Aloud

19:20-20:20 Jay Z

21:00 Coldplay

22:50 Event concludes


Which other thread?

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Which other thread?


the 19th wembley 1




Good afternoon. Quite a few of you have been in touch with the Oracle to ask what time the four acts will be playing at the upcoming Wembley Stadium shows. So, we thought we'd give you the official times for those gigs, as well as the upcoming shows in Manchester, Dublin and Glasgow.



4:00pm Doors open

5:40-6:20pm White Lies

6:50-7:50pm Jay-Z

8:30-10:30pm Coldplay



5:00pm Doors open

6:20-6:50pm White Lies

7:10-8:10pm Elbow

8:40-10:40pm Coldplay



4:00pm Doors open

6:00-6:40pm White Lies

7:00-8:00pm Jay-Z

8:40-10:40pm Coldplay


LONDON (both nights)

4:00pm Doors open

5:20-5:50pm White Lies

6:05-6:50pm Girls Aloud

7:20-8:20pm Jay-Z

9:00-11:00pm Coldplay


Our advice? Get there early.


(These times may be subject to change, but they're certainly accurate as of now)



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