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FREE Strawberry Swing iPhone app launched


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Good morning. Following Babelgum's exclusive premiere of the Strawberry Swing video, they have now launched a free application for the iPhone/iPod Touch which includes the Strawberry Swing video along with the Coldplay video catalogue, a Coldplay news feed and a game based on the video. It's available to download from the iTunes store now. Click here to get it.


Here are a couple of screengrabs from the app's game:













Anyone Played or Downloaded it yet? What do you think?

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Is this, combined with TapTap Coldplay Edition, really worth the $250 price tag for an iPod Touch?


No seriously, it's a difficult question for me. :laugh3:


YES! Well, especially if you get it free for your b-day :lol:


I only got 8000 on my first try :shame:


YAY! I got 39,000 on the second game :smug:

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iPhone or iPod Touch.


Assuming you live somewhere other than AUSTRALIA!


*sulks in a corner*

Even if I did have an iPhone or an iPod touch, it's not available for the Mexican store either :dozey: Maybe it'll be available for the rest of the world later on?? :confused:

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