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What is your message to the world?


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Relax, reflect, and chill after a long day's work.:sunny: The power of synergy, stability, reflectivity, and teamwork can conquer mountains, but sometimes it takes an independent mind to discover a well of truth. All the parts make the whole for the clock to keep good time.

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I dont know if i can narrow it down to just one message, because there is so much I want to tell the world, especially for humanity's sake.


One- take the blinders off your F*%$ing eyes and view the world for what it is; white/black/grey, dont deny what you see.


Two- dont change people to be what you want them to be, but accept them for who they are(less they are a crazy mofo and helping them change would be better).


three- There is no truth to religion, believe if you wish, but do not cause a war because of it.


four- Hugs make the world a happier place


thats all- haha im sure there is more

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