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well, if there's one thing i really hate about summer, it's definitely the thunderstorms :sick: especially at night.


i think i've been scared of them since i was a little kid. and it didn't help much when a lightning struck our house back in 1994... it hit our chimney, which was then flung across the street and landed in front of our neighbour's house. cool, eh? :wink3: nah, not really. i remember that huge gap in our roof.


so, whenever a thunderstorm comes closer, i just can't sit still anymore. the one last night wasn't even close, but when suddenly the street lights went out and everything was dark, i sort of panicked anyway :rolleyes:


what about you? are you afraid of thunderstorms? if so, what bothers you most?

or do you like them / think they're fascinating? why?


discuss ;)

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*plays AC/DC Thunderstruck*


hahaha today I was really angry, and turned on the TV and there was an AC/DC top ten and I just love every song... shame I couldn't listen to the whole thing, just listened to 6 songs, gonna start listening to them soon!

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watch it quietly it could be nice and even relaxing (for the flash lights), specially if is far from where you are and so is sure nothing bad will happen near you....


but once a thunder hit our building :uhoh: so it caused a short circuit, as a result many machines were broken and people need to re-new them, thankfully nothing major happened. (random but when it happened i remember i was watching Willow and it was in the thunderstorm scene too :freak: )


the only thing i fear of it is if it gets closer and hits the street and for it the window's glasses break, so we could get cut by the pieces of it :( (never happened that but....)

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That seem a little unlikely to happen, unless the lightning bolt was like, right next to your window. Or if the electricity itself went down the wall and through the glass, which would also be odd.


I'm super, super, super afraid of being hit by lightning. My cat once escaped outside during the rain but I wouldn't go out to look for her because I was afraid of lightning.


She came back though.

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we had a really scary thunderstorm last night :uhoh: the whole sky was pitch black and the lightning struck really close to our house. at one point the thunder was so loud the entire house shook.


but as scary as thunderstorms get sometimes, i still love them. i love the lightning and the thunder...i guess i get a sorta of energy jolt from it all :lol:

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