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US Tour (2nd leg)


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On a radio station out here in Los Angeles that had just finished playing a Coldplay song mentioned that they will be "coming back to town sometime in early 03'." After almost losing control of my vehicle... I was shocked to here this. I have seen their 2nd leg US Tour dates, BUT I didn't see L.A mentioned. Has ANYONE heard anything about them coming back to Los Angeles?? Can anyone confirm for me?




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I saw an advert on MTV about Coldplay's tour of the U.S. and it said they were performing in L.A. on February 10 at the Henry Fonda theatre. Now, I have nothing else to confirm this with, not even MTV's website says this, but I have looked on ticketmaster and the Henry Fonda theatre is apparently up and running and there is no one booked for the 10th (for those who don't know, the Henry Fonda is a shitty venue that is almost always closed for repairs this time of year).


I hope to God they come back here, the last two times something has come up to prevent me from going.

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