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The 5th Coldplay album


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:thinking: i can only find the interview, which is like an hour long. :shrug: but here are the lyrics.

I've got a house, with a cornflake door,

And I take some milk and it opens it some more.

I've got a house with some cheese windows,

I dunno why, its just the way it goes.

Come and eat my house.


anywho, have they written anything about the moon? because they have a lot about the sun

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Viva was happy :thinking: uhh, kind of i guess.

but viva didnt have anything like Green Eyes :D or Daylight.

More songs like Daylight too. I want more nature :D

I find Viva always very uplifting. The artwork, colors, songs like Life in Technicolor and Lovers in Japan gives the album a 'happy' feeling. Even the songs about death aren't sad or morbid.

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the escapist and lovers in japan are optimistic.

strawberry swing sound happys, but no its not.

neither is viva la vida, for some reason i think its about going to hell :shrug:


I think Lost!'s lyrics are kinda sad too and yet I always feel like dancing when I'm listening to it. Lovers is just a nice and uplifting song ...

You think VLV is about going to hell, because of the St. Peter part?

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