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The 5th Coldplay album


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A band like Coldplay strives whilst on the road. Once they get the knack of those songs down packed, they are amazing live... I remember seeing them at Madison Square Garden when they did a few gigs for free... :) I was lucky enough to see them free for a second time :) anyhoo.. thats not the point.. my point is, when I saw them back then, just as the album had dropped, the were still a bit rough on the new stuff... and now look! Wembley was a smash! The second half of this tour was mega! I am sure the boys had been (or have been) writing and fiddling with new ideas for music... One can only imgaine where they will take us next. I think that with the help and direction of Brian Eno on this last album.. it enabled the guys to go places with their music they never even had imagined. Making music with more than just a guitar, bass and drums... inner soul searching, writing lyrics off the cuff.. being a bit more expiremental with their creativity and such.. I think they can only keep going up.. to new heights!


next album is going to be groundbreaking.. different tunes, different feel... its going to be mega! AND I think this 5th record might be the last on the Capitol... I think... not sure how many records the deal was for... but when they do finally break free from the label... look out world! :)

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i think they could explore blues-rock, folk rock, country music, and gospel music a little more intensely on the next album. the momentum is definitely there for the next album to eclipse it's predecessors.

then being up at 2 in the morning instead of sleeping could be screwing up my brain.

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I agree with you all for saying they will push further on the experimental/differents instruments stuff. Just look at the Eno sessions on the SBS, it doesnt' sound like the usual CP.

Plus, I think that Chris (by collaborating with other artists) and mostly Guy by doing a totally different thing musically with Apparatjik could bring really new ideas. BTW, I found that the Eno session on the SBS sound a lot like what Apparatjik does...Very experimental and dreamy. For those who doesn't know what Guy is doing in this, here some Apparatjik tunes:


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OK6tmhRSy-8]YouTube - Apparatjik - Frozen Fingers[/ame]


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueM_um9e1u8]YouTube - Apparatjik - Snow Crystals[/ame]

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I do want some experimentation, but it can't be a completely 'different' Coldplay, if they keep with Eno, they can't stray into the ambient kind of music, unless it has their classical elements in it.


They should push the folk/country, just a bit, maybe an EP with songs like the Dubliners or something like that, but I feel a full folk/country Coldplay album would turn me away a little.

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