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David Blaine


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i'm not just saying this as a typical boyish comment...but he's gay :)

i really like him...i was amazed the first time i saw him...by brother can do quite alot of his card traicks ( in a none geek way )..it's the Hand Through Glass one that i like....i also like it how he walks so high up on the edge of building tops :cool:

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Blaine:I have a great idea for a stunt

tv guy:ooh great, what is it?

blaine: well i'll be alone

tv guy: sounds good

blaine: and i'll be alone for 44 days and 44 nights with no food, just water

tv guy oooo, keep goin

blaine: i'll be in a box

tv guy: this is getting good

blaine: i'll be suspended in the air

tv guy: uh huh

blaine: oh..well...erm..that's it

tv guy: huh....that's it. a magician, in a see through box, drinking water for 44 days?

blaine: and nightsd

tv guy: no sharks underneath you box so if the suspension falls you must escape or die

Blaine: erm...no

tv guy: no bottomless pit so if the supension breaks you fall to your death

blaine: erm..no

tv guy: right...so let me get this straight...you want us to show you, in a box, in the air, doing nothing?

blaine: yeah

tv guy: well i'm sorry but we need some kind of dnager element to it

blanie: we'll do it in england...we all know how dangerous those slimey brits are

tv guy: you know what..ok sod it. it'll get viewers, people will think you're special and we can sell the advertising space for a lot of money. and charge fo live feeds to see you...in a box...doing absolutly nothing...for 44 days..and 44 nights...and when you do need to do something interesting...we'll simply not show it due to not being allowed. No shit, no piss no wanking....

blaine: yeah that's right

tv guy: deal



wow...how amazing is this idea eh :snore:


day 4....an egg gets thrown at blaine...those nasty londoners, they know an egg is at the height of his wish list right now, so they amuse themselves by throwing them at him...tomorrow it'll be flower..by the end of the week he'll be able to make a cake around his box.

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boooooh booooooh he can shit!!! :angry:



David Blaine will inhabit a plexi-glass box just two and a half feet wide and six feet four inches tall. Two tubes, one to supply water the other to remove urine, will be his only connection to the outside world. Apart from these tubes and Blaine himself, the box will contain the following items:


- Diapers. Until his body has cleared its solid waste, the magician will use diapers for his toilet needs. After this he will need only his urine tube.


- A journal and pens. Blaine intends to keep a diary while inside the box. There won't be much else to do!


- Lip balm. "I've done these kind of things before," says David, "and I know how annoying it is to get chapped lips."


- Pillow and a pad to lie down on.


There will be no temperature control inside The Box, despite the likelihood of cold weather. Thus one of the magician's main problems will be staying warm, especially since the body retains only a third of its normal heat when in starvation mode.




:dozey: :P

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