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Coldplay then released an EP to be handed out at live concerts, 'This is a free music CD my mushrooms are in the oven now'. The EP was recorded at a private gig at Chris Martin's house while wife Gwensniff Pulledhertoe was cooking mushrooms, and Chris was playing on his acoustic citar. The rest of the band were there and made wooshing sounds to make it sound like a live gig. The song 'Glass of Water' on that album was performed with an actual Glass of Lemonade.



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Recently, Muse created a scavenger hunt across the galaxy to find USB sticks that contained codes that would unlock pieces of their new song, "United States of Eurasia." Matthew Bellamy hid an additional USB containing every song from their new album in a mic that Thom Yorke uses for concerts. One night, Thom Yorke was singing on stage when all the sudden he heard chanting in the crowds. He ignored it until he suspected moshing was going on. He looked up to find all his fans dead on the floor covered in Muse stickers. Rabid Muse fans appeared on stage as Thom Yorke swallowed the USB stick that he just noticed. The fans grabbed chainsaws and hacked apart Thom to retrieve the USB stick. But then a supermassive black hole opened up, destroying the USB and Radiohead forever. The Muse fans escaped using special teleportation devices that Chris Wolstenholme created in his laboratory on Mars.




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