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How do you cure hiccups?


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get a tablespoon of sugar.

eat it. in one bite.

trust me here.







it actually has worked for me.

and if it doesnt work, at least you had an excuse to eat a tablespoon of sugar.


I've never heard of this method but it seems pretty reliable to me :P

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Feel good, I asked my mom too and she said to do the same thing you said.






Damn. I did a search but found nothing.

The search tool HATES me.

Thanks Lore :D

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Guest howyousawtheworld

THIS WORKS! Take two teaspoons of vinegar (preferrably not malt, but it does work although not as strong). It's sour and might make your eyes water, but strangely satisfying. It works better than anything else BELIEVE ME! Got that?!

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