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Booty Pop!


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I just looked it up. Theres a Dublin Spar with Tim Horton that appears to be the nearest location for us.


It surely cant be the same coffee! When we lived in Canada everyone was insane for that shit, like, how good can coffee really be?!


Every single day in the morning if you go past Tim Horton's here theres a lineup that goes all the way down the street




Like WTH?!

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Jesus christ,

all that for coffee ? D:



It must be amazing.:laugh4:


It must be. Ive never seen queing like it for something thats not a tourist thing, its just locals who want more of their canuck coffee.


I hear they put nicotene in their coffee :surprised:


Reilly, when did you live in Canada?


Toronto, reppin Ajax massif

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Doughnut restaurant, but more importantly is the coffee, which is why Canadians have Tim Horton's running through their veins. They love the freaking coffee, it's as though there's something addictive in it.


Here's some canucks enjoying a normal everyday Tim Horton's venture.





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